Dailies Total1® Water Gradient

Dailies Total1® Water Gradient

Dailies Total1® Water Gradient

Dailies Total1® Water Gradient is a type of daily disposable contact lens manufactured by Alcon, a global leader in eye care products. These lenses are designed to provide exceptional comfort and vision for the entire day, from the moment they are put in until they are taken out.

The Dailies Total1® Water Gradient lens features a unique design that combines a highly breathable silicone hydrogel material with an ultra-soft, water-containing outer surface. This creates a water gradient that provides superior comfort and moisture to the eye.

The lens' water content reaches nearly 100% at the outermost surface, which is similar to the water content of the surface of the cornea. This creates a smooth transition from the lens to the eye, which reduces friction and provides a natural feel.

The lens also features a precision profile design that provides crisp, clear vision and helps to reduce halos and glare in low light conditions.

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