Acuvue Oasys® With Transitions

Acuvue Oasys® With Transitions

Acuvue Oasys® With Transitions

Acuvue Oasys® With Transitions is a type of contact lens that is designed to provide vision correction and reduce the amount of bright light that enters the eyes. The lens is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Vision, a leading company in the eye care industry.

The Acuvue Oasys® With Transitions lens features Transitions® Light Intelligent Technology, which allows the lens to adapt to changing light conditions. When exposed to bright light, the lens darkens to help reduce the amount of light that enters the eyes, providing greater comfort and reducing the need for squinting.

The lens also features Acuvue's HydraLuxe™ technology, which helps to maintain the lens' moisture and comfort throughout the day. This technology is designed to reduce dryness and provide a smooth, silky feel on the eyes.

The lens is made from a silicone hydrogel material that allows for high oxygen transmission to the eye, helping to keep the eyes healthy and white. The lens also features a Class 1 UV blocker, which provides protection against harmful UV rays from the sun.

Acuvue Oasys® With Transitions lenses are available in both prescription and non-prescription options, making them a convenient choice for individuals who spend time outdoors or in bright indoor environments. It is important to follow the instructions of an eye care professional regarding lens wear and care to ensure safe and comfortable use of the lenses.

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